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Orange County, please contact us to discuss the options available, such as payment plans. Generally, the judge handling your divorce would also issue the court order for your name change, but rules vary by location. Am I screwed with switching my name on all other documents or should having my certificate of marriage be good enough?

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Your officiant will file it with the county on your behalf, and the county will mail it back to you within a few weeks to confirm that everything is official. Send Us A Message

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Send your complaint to a salesperson or customer service representative.

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Used if you lost your california family court, i lost my marriage certificate california! The following forms of payment are available at our office only: cash, money order, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and debit card. Introducing your partner as your spouse on a single occasion might not be enough by itself, but it may be if coupled with other evidence suggesting that you acted like a married couple and that others thought you were married.

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The recognition or extension by the state of the specific statutory benefits of a legal marriage to nonmarital relationships between persons of the same sex or different sexes is against the strong public policy of this state.

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An Authorized Certified Copy of a public marriage record is required to change your name on a driver's license passport social security card and other services.

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